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Yes, I want to join Denim Day!

It’s Easy! Here are some ideas about how you can get involved.

  • Register to get Denim Day in LA & USA updates.
  • Display Denim Day in posters and flyers in highly visible locations. You can download them for free!
  • On Wednesday April 23, wear jeans and a Denim Day button.
  • Raise awareness about the realities of sexual assault myths and support survivors. Order a $5 Denim Day Action Kit with ready made powerpoints, social media tools, and ideas for campus, community and corporate events and engagement!
  • Host a Denim Day educational activity. Call Darcy Pollan at 213.955.9090×113 to discuss. You can also visit http://knowyourix.org/activism/campus-activism-guide/ for a comprehensive guide on sexual violence prevention activism ideas!
  • Start a $5 Work/Campus Campaign. Allow all employees or students who contribute $5 to the Denim Day USA campaign to wear jeans and a Denim Day USA button to work/school. Already wear jeans to work or school? Wear them proudly and add a button!
  • Become a Campaign Sponsor or Donor. Help us keep educational material costs low and accessible to the community at large. Contact Heather Masterton at Peace Over Violence: 213.955.9090×133/heather@peaceoverviolence.org to find out more about sponsorship opportunities or make a donation here!